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About Us

Fuelling Tomorrow: From Ventures to Renewable Solutions

Artha Group stands as a transformative force in global investing. Our diverse portfolio, featuring entities like Artha Venture Fund, Artha India Ventures, and Artha Energy Resources, embodies our ethos of pioneering change.

Our Values & Mission

From nurturing startups to accelerating renewable solutions, we craft bespoke investment strategies across the B2B SaaS, FinTech, and space tech sectors.

Our journey extends beyond financial growth, forging sustainable, ethical paths that resonate globally. With a legacy of visionary leadership, we’re committed to reshaping industries for strategic, impactful investing.

At Artha Group, our values serve as guiding principles, ingrained in every decision and action we take: Innovation: Innovation fuels our DNA. We encourage a culture of continuous innovation, fostering an environment where creativity and fresh ideas flourish.  

This commitment to innovation drives us to seek unconventional solutions and push the boundaries of what’s possible.  

The A-Team

Anirudh A. Damani

Managing Director

Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Group that stands for entrepreneurship, sustainability and growth working in unison to achieve corporate goals, inspired Anirudh A Damani to create Artha Group. He chose early stage investing and renewable energy as the focus areas for the group. In renewable energy, Anirudh sees the ability for each village of India to become a centre of economic growth and in Indian entrepreneurship the thrust to light up our great country.

He overlooks all the activity of the group and is primarily responsible for maintaining and promoting the corporate culture and ethics and is the group’s spokesperson. Recently, he has taken on the responsibility of GP for the first early stage VC fund out of the Artha stable.

Mr. Ashok Kumar Damani


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Animesh A Damani


Animesh has always been inclined towards entrepreneurship. A graduate from Babson College, Massachusetts, he began his career with an internship at Mumbai Angels which helped him gain insight into the Indian venture capital industry. With the help of his family office, AIV, he gained a first-hand perspective on the whole sector.

In 2012, Animesh’s family took over the struggling hospitality business of Platinum Hotels in Ahmedabad. He stepped up to the challenge and successfully turned around the operations, making the hotel brand profitable.

The very next year Artha decided to expand and set up Artha Energy Resources (AER), India’s first and only investment bank focused on the Indian renewable energy sector, which has advised on renewable energy transactions worth $812 million. With the help of his team, Animesh has set-up a data-driven business that maps 99% of renewable capacity and 40% of power consumers in India.

Sanjay Gandhi

Head – Legal & Compliance

Sanjay brings significant experience in law, compliance, finance and investments. Prior to joining AVF,
Sanjay worked as an Associate Vice President with US based ALCOR Fund.
He has also worked with Melbourne based MAP Capital Advisors Pty Ltd, a leading independent
investment and advisory business. Sanjay has a Master’s degree in Finance from University of

Sandesha Jaitapkar


Sandesha has worked in Office Management & HR for over eight years. She has exceptional
communication and interpersonal skills. She has proven her expertise in organizing schedules and
creating optimal internal operational systems. Sandesha has worked for renowned brands like
Parthenon-EY and ITC Ltd in Management. She is a graduate from Mumbai University with a Bachelor of Commerce.

Jashank Pohani

Associate – Investor Relations

Jashank Pohani, CFA, is a financial professional with a CFA Charter and has also pursued CA from ICAI. With over 7 years of experience in Wealth Management and Management Consultancy, he has advised Family Offices in India and the Middle East on their Indian investments and helped set up a multi-family office in Dubai. Recognizing the demand for Indian VC investments from Family Offices, Jashank moved back to India to manage Investor Relations for Artha.
Jashank’s expertise lies in financial analysis, investment management, and risk assessment. He is dedicated to delivering personalized service and building strong relationships with each client. His knowledge and skills make him a trusted advisor in the financial industry.

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