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About Us

At Artha Group, we’re a crucible where innovation meets investment, crafting the future with pioneering ventures and sustainable solutions. Our entrepreneurial spirit, fused with global insights, redefines industries and creates lasting legacies.

Our Businesses

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Artha India Ventures

Since 2013, AIV, led by Anirudh and Ashok Kumar Damani, has been reshaping investment landscapes. Merging family insights with institutional strategies, our investment portfolio spans renewables and startup debt solutions, propelling sustainable and entrepreneurial growth.

With investments in over 120 global startups, AIV is committed to expanding its impact and blending vision and innovation.

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Artha Venture Partners

AVP excels in fund management and innovative strategies, overseeing over ₹1000 crores in AUM. Our portfolio includes the Artha Venture Fund, Artha Select Fund, and Artha Continuum Fund, supporting companies like Agnikul and LenDenClub.

As a micro VC leader, we offer diverse investment vehicles, from debt to equity, catering to global investors and family offices. We partner with founders, delivering multifaceted support to foster success stories in India and beyond. 

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Artha Energy Resources

Since 2013, Artha Energy Resources (AER) has spearheaded India’s renewable energy sector, driving the shift to sustainability. As industry pioneers, we’ve facilitated over 250MW in solar and wind projects across 8 states.

AER, specializing in EPC services and flexible financing for solar, wind, and hydro plants, empowers the commercial and industrial sectors to adopt a greener future.

Our Funds

At Artha Group, our diverse range of funds reflects our commitment to pioneering investment strategies across various stages and sectors. We positioned each fund uniquely to leverage opportunities and drive growth, showcasing our multifaceted approach to investment.

Artha Venture Fund

AVF is our early-stage micro VC fund, specializing in transformative investments from seed plus to Series A stages. We focus on dynamic sectors like B2B SaaS, consumer consumption, consumption enablers, space tech, and FinTech.

We designed AVF to identify and nurture groundbreaking ideas and startups, positioning them for exponential growth and success. 

Artha Select Fund

ASF strategically invests in the later–stage rounds of early-stage ventures initially backed by Artha Group.

Targeting Series B and C stages, this fund builds upon the foundational investments of our early-stage ventures, propelling them into their subsequent growth and market expansion phase.

Artha Continuum Fund

ACF is a syndicate fund focusing on growth-stage investments in India and globally. We dedicated ACF to scaling companies with strong market potential and poised for significant expansion.

It represents our commitment to fostering global business success stories, transcending geographical boundaries.

Our Value Propositions



At the heart of Artha Group, innovation fuels our investment philosophy.

We leverage cutting-edge approaches across our diverse portfolio, from early-stage ventures in B2B SaaS, FinTech, and space tech, to pioneering efforts in renewable energy. We design our strategies to identify and amplify transformative business ideas.



We’re committed to creating a significant, positive impact worldwide.

Our investments in startups and renewable energy ventures are not just about financial returns; they’re about shaping a sustainable, prosperous future worldwide.



Integrity and ethical practices are the cornerstones of our operations. We build trust and reliability in the industry by upholding these values in all our dealings, ensuring responsible and strategic growth.



Collaboration is critical to our success.

We value partnerships that drive mutual growth, combining diverse expertise and resources to create synergistic outcomes.



Sustainability isn’t an afterthought but embedded in our core operations.

We’re dedicated to promoting sustainable practices across our ventures, particularly in renewable energy, to contribute to a greener future.



We strive for excellence in our operations.

From meticulous investment choices to top-tier client services, our focus is consistently delivering outstanding performance and results.


Our experiences with Artha have seen us go through a whole range of emotions!! The strong value system of the entire team at Artha has echoed into the way we have grown as a start-up & the ability to lean on their support system has been integral to that growth The quick availability of the entire team - for any business needs - not just the leadership has been a revelation to us. The focus on business building within the organisation has been beneficial as we are often taking large execution trade-off calls.

Ashutosh ValaniCo-Founder, Beardo

Anirudh was the first investor to mystery shop throughout our properties. He would book places and go to stay there himself and makes sure he comes back with one of the best reviews. That's something that we love!

Ritesh AgarwalCEO & Founder – OYO Rooms

Artha has been a hands-on investor when it comes from nurturing our business apart from just putting in capital. Their step-by-step approach and endless support from the team helped to develop a robust roadmap for our startup. We are more confident with a stakeholder like Artha onboard, who's vision was to grow the business together.

Jasmeet ThindCo-Founder, Coutloot

Anirudh and his team have been more than just investors to the company. The have been partners in helping us brainstorm product, growth and future fundraises. The Artha team is also one of the most Entrepreneur friendly teams you will find in the eco-system.

Naiyya SaggiCo Founder, Baby Chakra

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